New York Fashion Designers

Have you ever stopped to look at any of the various billboards marked “Made in NY” gracing large edifices, bus sides, taxi tops, sides of waiting for bus area and many other public places all over the city?  If you have, didn’t you ever wonder about the significance of such specially marked billboards?  Various billboards of men and women in the diverse style of clothing are not something new to behold all over the city’s public areas. However, when such ads are marked with the “Made in NY” emblem, they somehow elicit some questions in the minds of people who ever made time to stop and wonder about them.

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If you are a native of the city, you probably know by now that New York is known as the fashion capital of the world. Nonetheless, despite the label it seems that most of the billboards that you can see around the city or even those which are featured in magazines have been shoots in studios or anywhere else but the places that are distinctly ‘real’ New York. Hence to celebrate the fashionable creations which had been established, originated and enthused by New York, an artistic campaign was launched recently. Such creative crusade showcases the work of nine New York fashion designers whose creations had been specifically established and inspired by the city of New York.

This is the first time that such fashion campaign had been initiated and launched in the city. Featuring the vivacity, creativity and flair of NY’s well-known fashion designers’ creations, it has indeed highlighted the city’s prestige as the world’s fashion capital. The Ads, which were taken by Zed Starr-Tambor and designed by Sarah Gore Reeves, had been put up starting last August and were expected to last until the end of December this year. Running all through the five districts of New York, this fashion campaign are conspicuously displayed on street pole banners, double-decker buses, taxis, ferries, newsstands, billboards and other prominent outdoor sites. The campaign is also running in diverse digital and print publications such as Rolling Stone, New York Magazine, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, In Style and Details to name a few.

The photo shoots were taken from various locations throughout New York’s districts such as in the Court Station of Long Island, Tribeca, Brooklyn Bridge and Bronx Museum of Art. They had chosen these different venues to perfectly conjure New York’s distinctive fusion of glitz and grit. The ad campaign’s producers had envisioned to inculcate to both the locals and visitors alike what it truly entails to be ‘Made in New York’.

In connection with the campaign, there will be an extensive retail pop-up in the city featuring a collection of New York’s locally made and designed goods. On January 28-31, 2016, The Fall/Winter 2016 collections for Menswear will be showcased while the whole collections for both men and women will debut on the second week of February 2016. In the third week of February, during the Fashion Market Week, there will be various trade shows which will be offering large-scale opportunities for New York based fashion designers to showcase their products to retailers from all over the world.

Fashion and Style

There is nothing more exciting than exploring the things that make you who you are. In a world that is full of mass-produced garments and clothing, defining your individuality is a project that keeps the world an interesting place. Diversity is key to appreciating the many different personalities and styles that influence how we enjoy each other’s company. expidoms . Discovering your personal fashion and style is a gift you give to yourself and those around you in making life tasteful, fun, comfortable and enjoyable.

There are no hard and fast rules in fashion; fashion and style are all about bringing out the best, original, unique and beautiful you. Fashion is about getting you look aesthetically pleasing while your own sense of style gives the defining picture of who you really are at a given moment. Choosing the right clothes for your body type is fashion putting the right amount of fabric into the right places. Choosing the fabric and design and the accessories that highlight the natural feel or vibe that you are feeling for yourself is called style. Your style is the feelings you evoke the image you are projecting. It is the confidence you have in wearing something that best describes who you are.

Discovering your fashion and style personality is a journey to establishing a solid core of who you are and what you want to be. There are key elements in establishing your own style and fashion. These elements are the basics into determining which fits and does not fit.

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You have to understand your own body figure. Measure your body areas such as bust, waist, and hips to identify which body type you have. It is important that you base your clothes’ choice on your body type. Choosing the right clothes should complement your body type.

Choosing the right colors for you requires that you identify which skin undertone you have. You could have a blue skin undertone which makes you a winter type of person. In the fashion color wheel, colors are divided into seasons and seasons are further classified as warm or cool. Colors are further described as dark, medium and light. You have to know which season your skin color is to identify the right values of colors for your clothes.

You have to know your face shape to understand the necklines that would best balance your features. Your face shape will also have to decide the hair style that would suit you. Your face shape will help you choose the clothes and accessories that best fit you.

Not all garments or texture will fit all fashion style. For those people with a natural style, cottony and comfortable clothes are their best choice. Creative individuals would experiment and are comfortable with different fabrics. Sophisticated individuals will likely choose firm and straight garments and not the body-hugging soft type clothes.

When you know your body type, skin color and face shape, it is time to check your wardrobe and sort which clothes brings out the best image of you. Your style will also show in the shoes you wear. Shoes can make or break your outfit. Choose the shoes that complement the whole package and those that help you create a look that is exactly what you want to show the world.  For example, if you want to project an edgy look, boots may be the best choice. If you want a sexy look, strappy heels are the best for that.

Paris as the Fashion Capital of the World

The top four fashion capitals of the world are the cities of London, Milan, New York and Paris. However, Paris towers over other cities when it comes to fashion. There are several reasons that Paris is considered the world’s fashion capital and it all started in the 18th Century. However, some experts argue that the city’s fashion hegemony can be traced before that time period. While the city lost its footing in fashion during the World War II, it gained prominence again after the war and has remained steadfast in promoting fashion throughout the globe.

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The Early Days of Paris Fashion

In the 18th Century, France revolutionized haute couture as the French people have been admired or disdained for their sense of fashion. Anne Boleyn made herself prominent by sporting a French-styled hood, which highlighted her hair and generally exuded a rather provocative style. As time goes by, the French gained notoriety of having a liberal perspective when it comes to sexuality.

Couturier Rose Bertin took the position of Minister for Fashion in the late 18th Century and retained his position until Napoleonic era. In the early stages of his reign, the rich and powerful were the ones who were dictating what they want to wear. However, things took a quick turn in the 19th Century when Englishman couturier Charles Worth put his name as a label on his creations. Worth went a step further by coming up with designs based on his sense of fashion and displayed his creations on live models for his clients’ approval. His idea was a huge success and designed began to dictate what people need to wear to be fashionable.

Since then, it was already given that any fashion designer who dreams to be a success in the industry needs to be in the fashion capital of the world and establish himself in one of the city’s most popular couture houses or create his own couture house. facebook down . Paris was the home of many fashion shows and the majority of fashion magazines hailed from the city or primarily looked to by many fashion magazines from across the globe for information. For most women in the other parts of the world, Paris was the go-to place of fashion.

The Golden Triangle

To better understand why Paris is considered the world’s fashion capital, you also need to know that Paris is home to the Golden Triangle, a world-renown shopping district that caters to high-fashion clothes and expensive accessories. The said Golden Triangle is situated between the Avenue Marceau, Avenue Montaigne, and the Champs-Elysees. In these places, you will find some of the most popular brand names in the fashion world such as Chanel, Celine, Dior, Hermes and Louis Vuitton, just to name a few.

Paris Today

Although other cities claim that they have taken the throne, Paris still remains the fashion capital of the world. While fashion designers and magazines do not 0have the absolute power when it comes to dictating the world’s fashion trends they once did, Paris’ ability to adapt to the changes and trends in fashion is what makes the city a haven for fashion.

Getting the Best Fashion Design Education from the Top Fashion Design Schools

Being a fashion designer has a lot of perks. It allows you to travel and bring home a big paycheck. It also allows you to release your creative juices on a regular basis, but the fashion industry is very competitive nowadays. sub domains . To make it in the big world of fashion nowadays, you have to get intensive training from reputable fashion experts. Well, if you are really determined to pursue a career in fashion design, here are the top fashion design schools that you should consider:

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1.    Central Saint Martins

This is one of the top fashion design schools and it is located in London. This school has produced many famous and award-winning fashion designers including Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, Hussein Chalayan, Stella McCartney, and John Galliano. This awesome school also offers different programs and courses from jewelry, textile, fashion history, and fashion marketing. The UK government also subsidizes a part of the students’ tuition, so this school is actually cheaper than most fashion design schools.

2.    Parsons, The New School of Design

Parsons is one of the most famous fashion design schools in the world. It is frequently featured in the reality TV show, Project Runway. Parsons is known for its famous and reputable faculty members. It is also known for its unique study programs. Parsons has an impressive alumni list, which includes Donna Karan, Jason Wu, Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and Isaac Mizrahi. Parsons is located in a chic neighborhood in lower Manhattan, New York.

3.    Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)

Fashion Institute of Technology is located in a fashionable neighborhood in Manhattan, New York. It was established in 1944 and it’s known as the MIT of fashion. It produced top designers like Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Chloe Dao, and Calvin Klein. This is also one of the most expensive fashion schools in the world.

4.    Polimoda

It is no secret that Italy is one of the most famous fashion capitals in the world. Polimoda is located in Florence, Italy. It has top of the line school facilities and it has a program that supports startup businesses of its graduates.

5.   Bunka Fashion College

Japanese people are known for their fun fashion sense, so it’s no surprise that the fashion industry is growing in Japan. Bunka Fashion College was founded in 2006 so it’s one of the newer fashion schools. However, it is slowly gaining popularity and it is even considered as one of the top fashion schools in the world despite being new.

6.    Royal College of Art

Royal College of Art is located in London. The graduates of this college will be given an opportunity to work for big fashion houses, including Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Prada. This school has amazing facilities, but the tuition fees are really expensive.

7.    Istituto Marangoni

This fashion school has three branches located in Milan, Paris, and London. This school offers practical courses in fashion design and marketing. The Istituto Marangoni has 90% placement rate it has a powerful roster of alumni, which includes Domenico Dolce and Franco Moschino.

If you want to be a great fashion designer, it is definitely a good idea to invest in good education. These top fashion design schools will help hone your fashion design skills and jumpstart your career as a fashion designer.


Summer – What to wear, what not to wear

Summer is the time of the year when it’s warmest and definitely the most fun time. During this season, it is important to dress up for the weather so that you don’t end up looking like a wilted daffodil. One should take into consideration the place where they will be during the summer, could be at the beach or in the countryside…

Here are a few fashion tips for summer:

1. Dress When summer arrives

People tend to forget that it’s time to let loose and let go, not morals, but in terms of how to dress. You could choose to reinvent your clothes so as to avoid having them go to waste. For instance, a maxi dress could be tailored into a fabulous mini, a pair of trousers could be turned into a cute pair of shorts and a blazer makes a cool cropped jacket. Another summer staple is a pair of sunglasses, especially if you have colored eyes, say, green, blue or freckled. Too much sun is not good for the eyes. The other thing that people neglect is to shoe up properly. You are most likely to see a lady in Jimmy Choo boots in summer than in spring. When choosing materials, one should steer clear of dark colors and heavy fabric like cotton. Silk is a better choice because it doesn’t stick to the skin when you sweat.

2. Avoid makeup that melts

With the summer, most things melt, and that includes makeup; be it foundation or lipstick. A good product to use is Naked2. This brand has lipstick, foundation, powder, eyeshadow, mascara; you name it. If you are outside all day, you should remember to keep your cosmetics in a vanity bag like Cool-It Caddy (it has an internal cooling mechanism that prevents your makeup from being squishy and all droopy.

3. Pairing your outfits

As much as we all love just to throw on anything lightweight on a breezy summer day, it is a fashion no-no to go out with certain outfits, even if you are simply headed for the beach. a. Flip flops Need I say anything? If you want to wear your flip flops, confine them to the house. We do not want to see them. b. Khaki dungarees. Okay, seriously, let’s leave them to the painters, shall we? c. Old and faded t-shirts. It’s in the summer, but please, you must look fabulous. Faded t-shirts just don’t cut it Leave that for spring cleaning.


Important fashion tips for girls

It is quite obvious that every girl wants to dress great and always keep with the latest trend. Girls often prefer standing out among their peers. There are some fashion tips for girls that may help in giving them that exquisite, elegant look.

The first thing that every girl should understand is that they do not dress for anyone else but themselves. Comfort should, therefore, be their major priority. When picking what you are to wear, it is important to establish how comfortable you are going to be in it Speaking of comfort, it should be both physical and psychological. Physical comfort in the sense that you should wear something that does not squeeze or feel tight around a particular part of your body. You should also aim for psychological comfort by wearing something that will not make you feel out of place or feel underdressed.

For you to possess that astonishing look, you need first to establish what you like most about yourself. Whether it is your skin color or your hair that you feel is the greatest asset you have, there is always a way of molding it into a tool to kill the moment. You should make use of this feature and make it supplement the rest of your attire. When you exploit this well, you will also find that your confidence is enhanced.

Accessories are very important fashion equipment. Besides the fact that they are easy to throw on, they can also give the attire an amazing look. You should however first establish what accessory best supplements your looks, for instance, you should first know what type of hair accessories best supplements the looks of your hair before ultimately deciding on which one to wear.

A signature style is what you are best known for. You should make an effort of having at least one signature style. Be it a hat, cologne or a hairstyle, you should possess something that you are identified with.

Makeup is crucial in the visual appeal of any girl. It is important that you look at certain factors such as hair color, complexion, and other details before deciding on what type of makeup to wear. Shoes are very essential in facilitating the success of an outfit. In as much as high-heeled shoes have been considered great footwear options, there are factors that you have to look at. Aside from your height and leg length, you should also be careful on what clothes to wear with them.